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Health Insurance

Health insurance is designed to financially protect us from the astronomical cost in the medical field in the event our health is compromised.  With the rising cost for prescriptions and the health laws constantly changing, let us help you navigate the most optimal plan for you.

Affordable Care Act


Obamacare and the ACA are one in the same.  It is your only option for health insurance aside from if you are on an employer plan, have coverage through your spouse or on Cobra, typically.

ACA is based on your age, annual income and household members.  Most individuals are eligible to receive tax subsidy credits to help lower their monthly premium and some even pay as little as $0.00 a month for coverage.  

Typical enrollment periods for health insurance through the ACA are November 1st- December 15th.  This year, they have extended the enrollment period until January 15th! Be sure to call and schedule your appointment today!


Click here to see your plan options and what you qualify for.


Protect It All

Risk verses Insurance?  That's what it usually boils down to, right?  We have insurance for everything to help us prepare and protect for the unknown.  Let's take the guessing out of the future, so we can be present for what matters most.

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